Tron: Uprising SDCC 2011 Trailer


 As much as I loved the original TRON, and now TRON: Legacy, I’m pretty stoked about the new animated series… and this new trailer gets me even more excited.


Tron: Uprising is an upcoming animated science fiction TV series, part of the Tron franchise, which will air on Disney’s television channel Disney XD, in the United States. The show is set to air in summer 2012.  It will be directed by Charlie Bean, Joseph Kosinski and Sean Bailey, who will also act as executive producer. Edward Kitsis, Adam Horowitz and Sean Bailey will produce the series.   The series is set between Tron and Tron: LegacyTron: Uprising has been announced to be a 10-part series.   A preview of the show premiered on the DVD and Blu-ray releases of Tron: Legacy, on April 5, 2011.

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