REVIEW – Muppets: The Green Album

I’ve never tried to hide it. I love the Muppets. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve had a fascination with Henson’s work. From Labyrinth to Dark Crystal and even some work on Star Wars, Henson really spoke to me. After Jim’s death, I expected the franchise to disappear into the sunset, but when Muppets from Space came out, it rekindled my love I had for the Muppets and I’ve purchased everything from the franchise ever since.

When I heard current artists were making a cover album for the Muppets called Muppets: The Green Album, I rushed over to Amazon and hit “buy it now” immediately. I had the fortune of listening to a preview of Muppets: The Green Album and, as a fan, I can tell you that this album doesn’t fall short. The album contains great artists like Weezer, OK Go and Alkaline Trio, and some of our favorite Muppet songs like Rainbow Connection, Mahna Mahna, Bein’ Green and Movin’ Right Along. If you love the Muppets or just wanna pick up a fun album to listen to with the family then I highly recommend you pick this up.

Here’s a video by OK Go with some of your favorite Muppet characters.

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